10 years younger with GLOW SPA! Fabulous at 50!

10 years younger with GLOW SPA! Fabulous at 50!

Happy 50th Birthday to Elaine, who has been our client for almost 10 years & we’re proud to say we’ve helped keep her skin 10 year young.

Elaine says; “I always feel that there has been transformation and healing whenever I leave a session at Glow. Not only once I leave the salon but over the coming days as the therapies continue work their magic at a deeper level. Not only does my skin feel wonderful,  I feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. “

We have had the pleasure of looking after Elaine’s skin for almost 10 years.
She has come to us regularly for monthly facials to help treat and various skin concerns and maintain fresh, healthy complexion and youthful glow in Hong Kong.
Like a lot of Caucasian skins in Hong Kong,  which are not genetically designed to be in this environment; high UV, humidity and pollution.
Elaine has suffered a few skin sensitivity irritations and problems over the years which we have helped to sooth and treat. When she first came to us she was also concerned about indentations and scars on her cheeks, which had been caused by acne as a teenager. We treated this with our facial peels, Meso and Photonic light therapy, and have managed to heal the skin so it’s now smooth and virtually mark-free, while minimising the wrinkles at the same time.
See her testimonial from eight years ago about our prescriptive facials;

“One of the best prescriptive facials in Hong Kong, very personalised and excellent results for my skin”

Elaine Jamieson

Over the years Elaine has also experienced many of our Anti-ageing facial treatments to help maintain a youthful skin such as Corrective, Meso Therapy and Global lift.

Thank you Elaine for being our client.
Happy Birthday.
Let us help you for the next 10 years to look this good when you’re 60!