Body Sculpt Slimming Products

Body Sculpt Slimming Products

The SKEYNDOR Body Sculpt product range is a carnival of the senses with hot & cold sensations and beautiful fragrances. It treats a wide range of body care concerns including localised fat deposits, cellulite, lack of skin firmness and stretch marks, with the latest ingredients and with New Stem Cell technology.

Main Ingredients:

Brazilian Pepper prevents triglycerides clumping together into a larger molecule which is harder for the fat burning to take place. It increases the surface area of the fat in the fat cells, therefore making lipolysis (fat burning) easier.

Japanese Parsley

Many strict diets and quick fix beauty treatment can lead to a rebound weight gain. I.e. the client regains more fat then she initially lost. This can be due to the fact that many pre-adipocyte cells have been stimulated and mature so they can store fat.

New research from Korea shows that we can block the fat stem cell so they don’t produce more mature fat cell.  Japanese Parsley inhibit fat stem cell receptors so they don’t get the message to mature. This range is using the recommended medical dosage.

Dandelion is for its draining action, so it can help with fluid retention.

Goldenrod, lemon and Butcher’s broom help strengthen the capillaries network and permeability, therefore, improving circulation and drainage, therefore reducing fluid retention.


Intensive Sculpting Silhouette is a intensive 15 days treatment. Shock reduction treatment for fast remodelling results. Intensive formula prepared with agents that have proven anti-cellulite and draining activity. Apply 1 ampoule to fatty areas every morning after shower. This is a good kick start to any weight loss plan.

Genesculpt Cellulite Cream, use for 6 months to see best results. It burns fat and stops new fat cell from forming. LIPOLYSIS, LIPOGENESIS and ADIPOGENESIS.

Abdomen Sculpting Emulsion, specificity formulated to soften the swollen appearance in the abdomen area, and to slim the fatty stomach area.

Firming Stretch Marks Emulsion can be used during pregnancy because this product doesn’t contain caffeine. A multi-vitamin formula to prevent and soften the appearance of stretch marks, and to fight against the signs of flaccid skin.

Bust Sculpting Emulsion for naturally and gradually providing volume and tone to skin in the bust area, Lifting-tensing effect.

Velvet Hydrating Body Emulsion for everyday all over body moisturiser, containing Xylitol, which produces 3 levels of hydration:

  1. Helps to produce more hyaluronic acid in the dermis
  2. Helps producing natural moisturising factors in the epidermis
  3. Helps to produce ceramides on the skin surface

Caresse Moisturizing Body Cream a rich moisturiser for dry skin.