Corrective Facial – A Natural Alternative to Botox

Corrective Facial – A Natural Alternative to Botox

No More Needles – a natural alternative to botox & injectable fillers.

Revolutionary Facial treatment ‘SKEYNDOR ‘ Corrective and winner of ‘Best Anti-aging product 2013”, gives visible results within 1 hour treatment, long term results 6 months plus, say goodbye to lines & wrinkles and hello to a younger you!

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Another breakthrough from the team at SKEYNDOR with the launch of the cutting edge CORRECTIVE products. Returning what time has taken away these technologically advanced products give more volume, increased radiance, fewer lines and long term hydration  Translated, the skin is more defined, lifted and impressively lustrous, satiny smooth and spectacularly contoured.

Boosting volume and filling facial hollows, the corrective treatment addresses the areas where gravity has left us “low and lined” like the cheeks, under and around the eyes and the mouth ~ relaxing wrinkles and over time, giving more dimension and definition to our less than perfect ‘sunken’ regions.


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The products employ key actives such as Cosmetic Hyaluronic Spheres that fill out lines and Pentapeptides to relax the muscles. Working together, they help plump out the skin, reduce deeper wrinkles and lines, offer an improved and longer lasting hydration, a more structured facial contour and an intensively smoother and more even skin surface.