GLOBAL LIFT “Cosmetic Face Lift of the Future”

GLOBAL LIFT “Cosmetic Face Lift of the Future”

Introducing an award-winning technology (PROGEN-IN) awarded at IN COSMETICS the most innovative active ingredient in Europe researched for anti-ageing in 2012.
Skeyndor, one of the top 15 skin care brands in the world, a leader in development and technology in the industry for 46 years, gives you GLOBAL LIFT the “Cosmetic Face Lift of the Future”.

No surgery, no downtime, scientific skincare Skeyndor Global Lift reduces double chins, sagging jowls & eye bags; raises brows, redefines cheek bones and restores youthful facial contours. Independent testing shows it will take 10 years off your appearance.

Using Pro-youth strategies ProGEN-in Technology reverses the ageing in old cells and delays ageing in young ones. The ultimate objective is to improve the functioning of the cells, found in mature and/or photo-aged skin, and therefore reduce the biological age of the skin.

Global lift 70 year old B&A

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Active ingredients, stimulate collagen production and protect elastin from degrading, reverse the signs of photo-ageing, such as loss of density & firmness, dark circles and protect against future ageing.


-A biomimetic peptide derived from Elafin, winner of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2012 at In-cosmetics®, Barcelona 2012. This is an enzymatic inhibitor with an anti-progerin (inhibits progerin production; progerin increases as the cell ages) and anti-elastase (reduces enzyme that breaks down elastin) effect – that combats flaccid tissue in mature skin.

-Menyanthes trifoliata extract (Bogbean), a potent next-generation antioxidant that protects cellular vitamin C content, an essential cofactor in improving the quality and quantity of collagen in the skin.

- α-glucans and Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) rhamnogalacturonans. These molecules act in the deeper skin layers (reticular dermis) to improve the skin’s supportive properties, particularly in prematurely photo-aged skin.

This firming, revitalising treatment restores youthful contours to the face and neck. For best results we recommend 4 sessions, one weekly or bi-monthly for 2 months.
Also combine the treatment with Global Lift Self-care Products;

Lift Contour Face and Neck Cream
A face and neck cream based on anti-age technology [ProGEN-in].
An advanced cosmetic that provides a global firming effect and restores facial fullness.
Firms the skin and reduces wrinkles; Cosmetic lifting effect; restores the contours of a youthful face.
Recommend to use daily day & night for 2-3 months. Face & neck area.
Active substances: [ProGEN-in] Technology, Algae Extract, Lupin Extract.
Presented in two textures, depending on the skin type:
Dry skins: a rich, creamy texture and normal to combination skins: a lighter, non-oily texture.

Lift Definition Eye Contour Cream
An eye cream based on anti-age technology [ProGEN-in]. A combination of progressive firming active ingredients and agents that eliminate dark circles and eye bags.
Recommend to use daily day & night for 2-3 months. Eye area.
Active substances: [ProGEN-in] Tech., Algae Extract., Buckwheat, Firming, anti-wrinkle lipopeptide.

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