How to Make your Make-up last in Hong Kong

How to Make your Make-up last in Hong Kong

Long Lasting Make-up in Hong Kong.

 We all like to look and feel our best, and make-up can be a very useful tool to help us feel more confident; covering small imperfections and highlighting our best features. Unfortunately here in Hong Kong, with the high humidity and heat, finding the right cosmetic routine can be very frustrating. If you’re not careful, within a few hours of application, you can look end up looking like a Chinese panda. However, with the right products and a little technique, you can find a make-up routine that enhances your natural beauty and stays in place…

Always use a Primer – make-up artists swear by them. Apply the primer over your moisturiser and before applying any make-up. They act as a second skin for your cosmetics to cling onto for up to 10 hours. Ideally choose a formula that can absorb excess oil, with an illuminous shine to reflect the light, softening lines and imperfections. I recommend Even Finish- Brightening Primer for face & eyes by Collistar.

Less is more when it comes to a facial base – Just use one of the following; a very light textured, oil-free foundation; or a BB cream ( 3 in one – moisturiser, foundation & sunblock); or a mineral powder, to even your complexion and remember to blend it in. If you are concerned about lines and eye bags, all you need is a hard-wearing concealer, like Veld’s Eye Magic, which treats the problems of puffiness and dark circles as well as instantly concealing them.

Out & about in Hong Kong in the day-time it’s best to keep it very natural with your eye make-up. After applying an eye primer to the lid, just use a highlighting powder under the brow, a waterproof pencil to line the lid and blend it in, then apply some waterproof mascara. If you’re a blonde use a brown mascara for a more natural look. A gentle alternative to waterproof mascara is to have your lashes professionally tinted at a salon, or for a more glamourous look you can also have individual lashes applied, which last up to 4 weeks, but remember not to wear mascara with them.

For long lasting colour, add a gel-based cheek tint to your beauty regime, which temporarily stains your skin, moving for no one but your remover. You can also use on your lips; first define the outline of your lips with a waterproof, matt lip pencil and colour them in, then apply tint for extra colour and shine.