About Ceri

Innovation.  Professionalism.  Sophistication.


Ceri Silk continues to embody all of these values in her quest to inspire body confidence and promote beauty across the globe.  After an immensely successful career spanning 28 years as a leading practitioner and authority in beauty worldwide,  Ceri is sharing her acclaimed holistic approach to a healthy and beautiful lifestyle with you and the rest of the world.

Ceri’s alchemic blend of science, technique and vast knowledge has proven to be a success globally, with the demand for Ceri’s talents ascending beyond simple practice to the role of a renowned advisory amongst the world’s finest in health and beauty.

Are you are a Beauty Professional, Spa or a Cosmetic Company looking to grow or start a business in the Asia-Pacific region? Contact Ceri, as she offers consultancy to International companies in brand building, training, and expertise in developing new markets.

Travelling from New Delhi to  Xian  to Jakarta and on to Adelaide, Ceri has shared her expertise with hundreds of eager students desperate to emulate not only her success but her joyous and youthful approach to living.  Ceri’s background in progressive beauty treatments and innovative practices such as light treatment and Meso and CACI technology has made her invaluable as a source of knowledge for the rapidly expanding health and beauty industry in Asia.  Her regular contributions to well-established technical journals and provision of specialized training only serves to secure Ceri’s position as an institutional figure within health and beauty. Ceri’s expertise is not so much wanted as needed by her fellow professionals on an international scale.  The sign of a true visionary.

For Ceri, a healthy lifestyle and beautiful body cannot be achieved within a day, but by a lifestyle that is cherished and nurtured by the application of knowledge and advice from the best.  It is this belief that has encouraged her to offer her skills and expertise to all that wish to pursue bodily perfection.  From industry professionals to fellow beauticians and those who simply want to look and feel better, Ceri will open your eyes to a scientifically innovative and results based approach.

As a consumer of Health and Beauty, if you have any enquires about the vast array of products and services on the market and how they can help you, please contact Ceri for some personal advice.

If you live in Hong Kong why not visit Ceri’s salon.

An advocate of her own beliefs, Ceri pursues her youthful and stylish approach to life with a vigorous passion.  As an educator, an authority figure and a successful businesswoman,  Ceri’s sole devotion is to help you come one step closer to the mythical Fountain of Everlasting Youth and invite you to join her in a better, healthier, vibrant life.

Ceri’s expertise is here for you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Ceri.ceri-silk-logos-transparent-1