The 5 Signs of Ageing

The 5 Signs of Ageing

Since the beginning of time man has been searching for ways to slow down or halt the physical signs of ageing. Cleopatra had her ass’s milk, the Empress of China drank tea made from crushed pearls, and apparently literary character, Dorian Grey sold his soul! So what are the physical signs that give away our age and what can we do to reduce our biological age and age gracefully?

1) Lines and wrinkles – When most people think of ageing they think of wrinkles and certainly a heavily lined face can be the footprint of a long and eventful life. My favourite cosmeceutical product with award-winning results is SKYENDOR’s Corrective Line, winner of ” Best Anti-Ageing Product 2012″. It uses peptides to relax the muscles and cosmetic hyaluronic spheres to fill indentations, plump out the skin and reduce deeper lines. For a quick result, then Botox and injectable fillers are a very effective short-term solution. But see a reputable doctor who comes highly recommended for their skill in injecting, or risk a lumpy or unnatural appearance.

2) Face shape – Although most people worry about the appearance of wrinkles, it’s actually the shape of your face that gives away your age. Loss in the firmness of our facial contours and the appearance of sagging makes us quickly look older. Non-invasive treatments such as light and microcurrent therapy can give your skin and facial muscles a real lift while cosmeceutical products such as SKEYNDOR’S Global Lift stimulate more collagen in the lower dermis to help your face fight gravity.

3) Pigmentation - Uneven skin tone and patches of darker pigmentation can really age your face. The high UV intensity in Hong Kong combined with over exposure to the sun and the high pollution that irritates our skin mean even young people can suffer from this problem and age prematurely. Facial peels reduce pigmentation marks but you should apply a daily sunscreen with UVA & UVB protection also products high in anti-oxidants really is essential to help fight free-radical damage.

4) Stray hairs - As we get older our hormone levels change and so does our hair growth pattern. Many men experience hair loss on their head only to find it reappearing on their back, while women can find hairs sprouting on their upper lip and chin. Keep stray hairs at bay by plucking, waxing or using IPL or laser hair removal.

5) Middle age spread - Excess weight, especially around the waistline, can make you look and feel older. Regular exercise, especially exercise that targets our core muscles are very important for good health, as well giving you a great figure. Salon treatments such as Meso therapy can also help target those stubborn fatty areas with fast results.