Cambridge – Weight Management Program

Cambridge – Weight Management Program

Want to lose weight or inches just from specific areas?

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Our Weight Management Consultation includes advice on diet & treatments and will give you a personalised program to help you achieve your goal. Consultant fee is 480HK$


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Cambridge Weight Plans ( over 30 years on the market, used by over a million people to lose weight safety) are built around the concept of ‘meal replacements’. These come in a large variety flavours of soups, porridges, shakes and bars. Meal replacements can be used as your Sole Source of nutrition (as they provide all your daily nutrition needs) for accelerated, safe weight loss, or in various combinations with conventional food for more gradual weight reduction.

We provide you with a choice of plans depending on how quickly you want or need to lose weight, and help you achieve long term results. This flexible approach allows you to tailor your plan to suit your specific lifestyle and weight loss goal. It is important to remember that your commitment to your plan is crucial in order for you to achieve your desired results.