Oh! Just bhave! Why be frizzy? The new bhave™ Smoothe XT has got you covered!

Oh! Just bhave! Why be frizzy? The new bhave™ Smoothe XT has got you covered!


 The new bhave™ Smoothe XT has arrived in Hong Kong and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!

Do you spend half your morning in front of the mirror with a straightening iron, and by time you get to the minibus/MTR or your carpark all that time and effort is ruined!

It’s time to tame that frizz & keep your hair smooth & manageable with the new NEW and IMPROVED formaldehyde- free bhave™ Smoothe XT keratin hair treatment – IT IS arguably the best smoothing treatment to combat frizzy hair in the Hong Kong heat!

If you’re on a quest for picture perfect, sleek locks with no curls or frizzy strands in sight, as well as a dramge free treatment with long-term conditioning, protection and lustrous shine, this is exactly what you need. Created with bhave’s strongest keratin formula developed so far, the bhave™ Smoothe XT treatment is designed to completely smooth the hair with no compromise so you can wave goodbye to any sign of frizz or misbhaving hair!

So – If you are time poor but lust after smooth, luscious-looking locks that are low maintenance AND high on manageability, bhave™ Smoothe XT keratin therapy is the perfect way to start the long humid Hong Kong summer, keeping those tresses smooth and shiny and streamlining your beauty routine as well as your look.

Enriched with keratin, argan oil, collagen and gylcolic acids, curls will be softened, waves will be smoothed and hair will be easier to manage for up to four months with no frizz, no fuss and especially good – NO FORMALDEHYDE.

bhave™ Smoothe XT is completely finished in the salon, so you can colour or highlight on the same day if you wish. There is zero down time, so you can immediately tie or clip your hair back if the mood takes you!

At home maintenance is easy – either blow dry and style or allow your hair to air dry to 85% dry and finish off with a 5 minute blow dry and a couple of passes with your straighter – to get that perfect salon finish!

Why be frizzy?

The Ingredients

bhave™ is the first Australian brand to introduce the benefits of a patented raw natural keratin technology into their hair care range. This gently extracted, fully bioactive keratin protein is naturally derived and gently extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep, keeping critical amino acids and proteins intact.

This keratin binds to severely damaged hair, while the amino acids penetrate the hair rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity and shine to damaged hair, rebuilding every strand of hair from the inside out.

bhave™ is -

  • Australian owned
  • Not tested on animals
  • Free from parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride
  • Uses Certified organic ingredients
  • Not smelly or sticky
  • Uses Active raw natural keratin technology
  • Brightens highlights and enhances colour
  • Completely finished in the salon (no 48hour wait anymore) – so you are ready to go!

The Results

The results have been very impressive and our customers have been deliighted! The treatment should last from 3 – 5 months (depending on care and maintenance). Using the bhave™ after-care products is highly recommended to maximize the life of the treatment.


How is bhave™ Smoothe XT different to bhave™ Smoothe PLUS ?

While smooth XT makes your hair beautiful and manageable through intensive keratin therapy, just like the smoothe plus does – it’s a little bit different. Instead of using acetic/silk amino acid like the smoothe plus, bhave smoothe XT uses glycolic acid instead. bhave™ Smoothe XT also allows you to wash and colour your hair the same day as your treatment, (hallelujah!) so no more waiting time… and that old fashioned clarifying shampoo pre-treatment prep has officially been made redundant.

Simply walk in and then strut out with smoother, straighter and healthier-looking hair.

bhave™ Smoothe XT is effective on all most all hair types, protecting and repairing damage, leaving hair more manageable, shiny, silky and smooth. The salon professional products have been infused with delicious fragrances and nutritive-rich ingredients to significantly boost hair strength, condition and manageability.

The homecare range of shampoo’s and conditions have won several awards, most natably the 2017 NATURAL BEAUTY AWARD WINNER category and the 2017 NATURAL BEAUTY AWARD – HIGHLY COMMENDED category.

Who it’s NOT for?

Before you get too excited… bhave™ Smoothe XT is effective on all most all hair types meaning – this treatment isn’t for everyone.

If your hair is extremely damaged or you adore your voluminous curls and can’t stand the thought of saying goodbye to them for up to four months, we’d suggest opting for the more versatile bhave™ Smoothe XT PLUS treatment.

The bhave™ Smoothe XT is specifically for those wanting to temporarily divorce any waves or curl whatsoever, and does not fare well on very unhealthy hair, so if your hair has extreme damage, ou will need to steer clear until its in better condition.

Still a little unsure – come and see the experts at Glow

If you have question or your are not sure about the condition of your hair, book in for a complimentary consultation with ANY of the VERY Knowledgeable stylists at Glow, they can check your hair and make a recommendation for the treatment that would be most suitable for your hair type!

If you have hair – hair you wish was smoother and straighter, it’s time to stop wishing…

Get your unruly mop to Glow, your very best and most experienced bhave™ Salon and get your hassel free, frizz free, Hong Kong Summer started today!

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