SKEYNDOR Power C+ Facial and Home Care

SKEYNDOR Power C+ Facial and Home Care

SKEYNDOR Power C+  The most powerful anti-oxidant combination ever created

Vitamin C is one of the most valued active ingredients in dermatology, due to its multiple benefits on the skin. Not only it is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known, it also stimulates the skin’s metabolism and the formation of collagen.
POWER C+ is the most powerful anti-oxidant combination ever created by Skeyndor. The perfect alliance between the lightening strength of Vitamin C and the anti-ageing power of pomegranate extract for visibly rejuvenated skin.
The POWER C+ Facial creates Radiance and Reduces Wrinkles and is perfect for Rejuvenating the Skin from the damage of the Sun and Pollution.
SKEYNDOR leads the field in the development of a new generation of Vitamin C treatments with superior penetration, resulting in the enhanced ability to be absorbed by the skin cells and promoting radiantly youthful skin

foto+Pack+Power+C alpha croppedSKEYNDOR Power C+ Facial

SKEYNDOR Power C+ facial offers a superior concentration of high absorption Vitamin C found only in professional beauty treatments that will rejuvenate the skin by

  • activating cell metabolism, producing greater collagen synthesis.
  • providing an anti-oxidant action and reduces the cell damage caused by UV rays
  • inhibiting the synthesis of new melanin and lightening the melanin already formed

(ALTA)+BODEGÓN+POWER+C+ alpha croppedPower C+ Energising Emulsion / Cream

High absorption Vitamin C and grenadine extract

  • Formulated to illuminate and unify the skin tone.
  • SPF 15.

powerc+ contorno de ojos (low qual) alpha cropped

Power C+ Eye Contour Cream

Decongestive treatment · Light effect

  • Great anti-oxidant power
  • Lightening effect on the contour
  • Softening bags under the eyes
  • Softening small wrinkles
  • Decongesting eyelids and bags under the eyes

bodegon+Pure+C+POWERC alpha croppedPower C+ Intensive Treatment Serum

Instant light and radiance

  • Concentrate for giving instant light and radiance to the skin.
  • Containing a high concentration of ascorbic acid, together with other natural acids that quickly improve the skin’s appearance

SKEYNDOR has succeeded in developing a Vitamin C cosmetic treatment, that is effective, transforming and rejuvenating.

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