Prescriptive Facial Treatments at Glow

Prescriptive Facial Treatments at Glow

Facial-PrescriptiveI highly recommend a monthly facial to maintain a youthful fresh complexion. At Glow Spa and Salon we conduct in-depth consultations, and by looking at your skin type and taking into account your concerns, your Glow therapist will prescribe and design the most effective facial for you. We use cosmeceutical skincare, to deep cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and treat with massage techniques, ampules, masks and creams, all formulated to achieve real results.  Also for problematic skin and those of you who need a little extra boost we can recommend and add in the latest technology, choosing from light therapy, ultrasound, microcurrent and Meso Therapy. Our Prescriptive facials can treat the following concerns depending on your needs; Remove blemishes, minimise wrinkles, firm, lift and energise the skin for a more youthful appearance.  Smooth and repair damaged skin and help regenerate healthy skin.  Calm, strengthen and hydrate delicate skin, minimising broken capillaries and simultaneously treating the common signs of premature ageing.  Hydrate, lighten and help protect against free-radical attack, so reducing the signs of ageing.  Refine pores, purify and remove excess oil for a pimple-free skin.  Whiten and balance skin tone for a beautiful, blemish-free complexion.

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This is what our clients say:

“One of the best prescriptive facials in Hong Kong, very personalised and excellent results for my skin”

Elaine Jamieson

“My skin is feeling amazing and much more hydrated.”

Erin Hannah

I would recommend Glow by Ceri Silk facials and in particular, their laser light therapy. I fell down a mountain and had a ‘Harry Potter’ style cut on my forehead – a red, raised scar. Thankfully with their expert light therapy, it is now almost invisible and I feel much more confident without makeup again. It only took 3 sessions to see a huge difference.”

Grace Brown

“I was considering cosmetic surgery until my friend introduced me to Glow. Theresults so far are simply amazing and I look forward to the sessions immensely.”

Patricia Blair

” I wanted to send you a big thank you for the wonderful treatment, SKEYNDOR Meso Science…I felt awesome afterwards. I caught up with a girlfriend later that evening and she couldn’t stop telling me how fresh I looked… needless to say, I told her all about you … so two converts!”

Karen Burns“

You are a real miracle worker… that really worked, I feel even younger..!”

Kerensa Neale

“Wow, one of the best facials I have ever had in HK! Professional staff, fantastic products and reasonable prices. Will definitely book again.”

Mamasan Consumer Review

My skin has never felt so fresh & been so clear – it’s full of life again!

Inge Baitts

“My skin feels so great! I have these old scars on my face (since I was a kid)
and they are almost invisible, amazing!”

Kristina Ohrnberg

“I had the most amazing treatment today, thank you so much Ceri. My skin looks incredible. I remember that I loved the one we did last year for my birthday, and I confirm that your facials are the best I ever get, even travelling around the world. Thanks to for introducing me to you and Skeyndor products.”

Divalia Channel

“Welcomed by a team of professionals, a quick health and beauty questionnaire was filled in, before I was whisked away into a small, yet comfortable room, and in the good hands of one of the more experienced Spa Therapists still working in Hong Kong.

A skin analysis was performed and my prescriptive facial treatment commenced treating my personal skincare concerns using Skeyndor products. The combination of the Therapists skill, knowledge and scent of the Skeyndor Power C,+, which was nominated the Anti-Ageing Product Line of the Year at the Asia Spa awards 2013, made me feel truly pampered.

The added extra Presor Therapy which was placed on my legs and feet throughout the facial treatment used for lymphatic drainage gave me a real sense of a top to toe treatment leaving me recharged and my skin glowing.

If you are looking for reasonably priced treatments with the most experienced Therapists in town, Glow Spa specialises in every day facials, as well as more transformational treatments which focus on pigmentation, scaring, fine lines and wrinkles delivering pleasing results without breaking the bank.

Lindsey Price

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