Reduce your biological age with Global Lift Elixir

Reduce your biological age with Global Lift Elixir

To treat sagging jowls and lack of skin firmness, Global Lift is scientifically proven to reduce the biological age of your skin by up to 30 years. Inspired by the latest and most advanced research into the anti-aging therapies, Skeyndor has recently launched a marvellous jewel for your skin care; new LIFT CONTOUR ELIXIR FACE AND NECK from the Global Lift [ProGEN-in] range. The power of three serums (lifting*, anti-aging and pearlescent) combined in an exceptional elixir that redefines the essential points of the facial contour and remodels the face.

Skeyndor has just extended the Global Lift [ProGEN-in] range with its new LIFT CONTOUR ELIXIR FACE AND NECK, a revolutionary serum inspired by the latest research into the anti-aging therapies such as Progerin and Glycobiology which redefines the facial contour and rejuvenates the face.

LIFT CONTOUR ELIXIR FACE AND NECK by Skeyndor contains more than 50% of anti-aging ingredients and triple the number of active substances per drop with respect to other treatment creams*.

Due to its great richness in active substances, it combines the power of three serums(lifting serum**, anti-aging serum and pearlescent serum) in one exceptional texture. This unprecedented combination redefines the key points of the facial contour while fights the visible signs of aging and helps correct the skin tone.

Global Lift is a range especially designed to improve the functionality of the cells and to restore the perfect facial contour

SKEYNDOR’s advanced research has led to the development of the exclusive [ProGEN-in] technology, especially designed to redefine the facial contour and to recover facial fullness, while reducing double chin.

[ProGEN-in] reduces progerin, a cell aging marker. Its concentration in the cell nucleus gives an estimate of biological age.

This new technology is based on a combination of three active substances with proven efficacy:

  • Biomimetic peptide derived from Elafin. An enzymatic suppressor with an anti-progerin, anti-elastase effect that combats flaccidness in mature skins.

  • Menyanthes Trifoliata Leaf Extract. A potent anti-oxidant that protects the cellular vitamin C content.

  • α-Glucans and Black Pepper Rhamnogalacturonans. Molecules which improve the mechanical properties of the skin’s support structure.

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* By Skeyndor

** Cosmetic lifting by Skeyndor